2021 Clara Hasbrouk Award for Raina Scoggins

The Clara Hasbrouck Award is named after a founding member of TASL. This special award is given to an outstanding individual who has demonstrated dedication and commitment to furthering the cause of school libraries in Tennessee by contributing time, leadership, and effort to numerous TASL activities over a period of years. This year’s Clara Hasbrouck Award winner is Raina Scoggins. Raina is a long time TASL member and previously served as the Knox County Area Representative for many years. She is very knowledgeable about the history and inner workings of TASL. Dependable, encouraging, and kind, she always helped our board meetings run smoothly. She is currently retired, but has most recently worked for Knox County Schools.

Raina told us why being a member of TASL has been important to her and gave some advice for new librarians.

“I became a member of TASL early in my career.  Friends and mentors encouraged me to get involved.  Once I started, I just kept going. I have worked on several committees over the years–Membership Chair, Conference Committee and Silent Auction Chair. I found that serving as the Area Representative was a great level of involvement. Meeting with the board 4 times a year, making plans and solving problems allowed me to help our organization grow over time. 

This organization is so valuable for hearing about best practices and networking across the state. We are so often the only library media specialist in the building. It is important to share our successes with other educators and use other librarians as sounding boards. The dues are low and the communication and inservice offered is top notch.

Every school librarian should join TASL. The larger our organization, the louder our voice when advocating for our profession. You will benefit greatly from a state conference that focuses on school libraries. Most importantly, making, having and being friends with others who understand your struggles and understand your values is priceless.

New to the profession? 

Students are your first priority. Get to know them and help them find books they will love. Collection development and policies are based on their needs. Ask them what they want. 

Communicate often with teachers and parents.

Make sure others in your building and community know what you are doing.

Embrace and enjoy the flexibility that is necessary in our job. (It won’t be boring😀)

Stay current with technology and help students develop information skills.

It’s okay to ask for help.  Remember everything does not have to be perfect every day and allow yourself grace. Finally, if you get discouraged, do not hesitate to call a friend. 

KNOW that what you do is SO important and valuable!!!!”

Congratulations Raina and thank you for your years of service!


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