Dr. Kyle Nix Nominated for TASL Distinguished School Administrator Honor Roll

Left to Right: Katie Capshaw, Dr. Kyle Nix, Katelyn Jernigan (Awards Chair)

Dr. Kyle Nix is the Principal at Christiana Middle School in Rutherford County. She was nominated by her librarian Katie Capshaw. 

We asked Dr. Nix to tell us about her background as an educator.

“I have been in education for the past 17 years, with 11 years in the classroom teaching middle and high school history, and 6 years in administration as a high school assistant principal and middle school principal.”

Dr. Nix shared why she values school libraries.

“I have always loved reading and have always seen the school library as a magical place.  As an elementary and secondary student, the library was the number one place to go to find my new reading adventure.  I vividly remember browsing the shelves of my library in 2nd grade for the newest Cam Jansen book and remember escaping to my high school library to do research in a quiet, comfortable space.  I lived in the library during both undergrad and graduate school, whether I was studying, researching, writing, or just taking a moment to read for fun.”

We asked Dr. Nix if she had any advice for school librarians looking to build strong relationships with their administrators.

“Communicate with the administration often about what is going on in the library and how your administration can be involved.  The more we know, the more we can support.  Also, sit down with the administration at the beginning of the year to talk about what you, together, envision the library looking like for your students.  Working together to be a part of the process of building a successful library will only make it more successful in the end!”

Congratulations Dr. Nix. Thank you for your support of school libraries and school librarians.


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