Capshaw and Colleagues Win TASL Teacher Collaborator Award 2020

Teachers Ruth-Ann Logsdon, Jessica Alley, Denise Cooper, and School Librarian Katie Capshaw with their awards.

The Teacher Collaboration Award recognizes exemplary classroom teachers who collaborate with the school librarian. The winner of this award receives a $500 prize. This year’s recipients alongside Library Media Specialist, Katie Capshaw, include Jessica Alley, Emily Marks, Phillip Stevenson, Denise Cooper, and Ruth-Ann Logsdon from Christiana Middle School in Rutherford County Schools.

Katie described their award winning project for us at TASL Talks. “The 7th grade ELA PLC and I collaborated on an introduction to their unit on Fear and reading the non-fiction text Bubonic Panic. We came up with several phobias that students would most likely not know. The teachers divided the students into groups before they brought them to the library. Each class spent a block in the library for the lesson (it took 5 days to get each of the 5 teachers though the library). When they came to the library, we co-taught the class a lesson about phobias and then how to use TEL and books to research. I had borrowed several books from other schools as well as my own library ahead of time. Students had to use digital and print materials for their research. Each group was assigned a phobia to research. They researched and took notes individually and then as a group created a chart about their phobia. Charts were hung up around the library and the students ended the lesson with a gallery walk looking at all the charts to learn about other phobias. The teachers built on that lesson for the rest of their unit and I continued to meet with them and collaborate for resources and ideas as needed.”

Click here for access to the Powerpoint presentation Katie used to introduce phobias to the students.

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