Featuring Area Rep Emily Squires

by Brandi Hartsell

TASL is an amazing organization. But it is the people who dedicate their time and energy that make it great. We at TASL Talks want to highlight our leaders and express our gratitude for their commitment to our wonderful profession. We will be featuring each member of leadership throughout the remainder of the year. I’m excited to share with you more about Area Rep Emily Squires.

Emily Squires and Family

Name: Emily Squires

School: Houston Middle School

Position Within TASL: Shelby Region Area Representative

How has being a member of TASL impacted your practice as a school librarian?

TASL has provided me with resources that help collaborate with my teachers in my building as well as in my district. I also am given tools that help me present outside of my district.

What do you value most about the profession?

Books! Being able to share the latest, as well as past books that may have an impact on a child’s life!

What are you currently reading?

Planet Earth is Blue by Nicole Panteleakos and The Woman’s Hour by Elaine Weiss

Anything else you would like to share?

I am a huge Mississippi State fan! I love traveling and spending time with my family.

Follow Emily on Twitter @EmilySquires11 and on Instagram @Bulldog66fan

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