TASL Members Run for Office in AASL Elections

by Brandi Hartsell

The 2020 ALA/AASL election season is quickly approaching. It is vitally important that you use this opportunity to let your voice be heard and vote for the candidates you support. Voting in ALA and AASL elections helps to ensure that the organization’s leadership has your interests and goals in mind. We are lucky to have a voice in a national organization that shapes our profession. Every vote counts!

TASL Members Running for Office in AASL

This year we are excited to announce that four TASL members are running for office in AASL, including:

Erika Long for Secretary/Treasurer

Blake Hopper for Director-at-Large C

Hannah Byrd Little for Independent Schools Section Chair-Elect

Kate S. Lewallen for Independent Schools Section Secretary

Other Candidates and Voting Information

AASL is using KQ as a venue for members to learn more about each candidate. We’ve compiled the links for all other AASL offices below.


Director-at-Large A 

Director-at-Large B 

AASL Chapter Representative 

Educators of School Librarians Section Chair – Elect 

Supervisors Section Chair Elect

Find a full list of AASL candidates here  and a list of AASL members running for ALA Office and ALA Council here.

Check out this helpful Knowledge Quest post with all the information you need to be prepared for ALA and AASL voting. Please note that we have a school librarian educator, Steven Yates, running for ALA President this year. Steven is a past-president of AASL and has been a wonderful advocate for school librarians and libraries.

Elections will take place March 11 – April 3 and voting is open to all members who joined or renewed by January 31.



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