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Do you have a library orientation lesson that you’re really proud of, that your students seem to enjoy and  seemed to be effective?  What is it?  How did you pull it off? Did it have a theme? Play a game?  Please share your library orientation ideas! Post in the comments of this post or on the TASL Facebook page your fun library orientation lessons. You may inspire and help out another Tennessee school librarian. We’re looking for ideas at all levels, whether you’re at an elementary, middle or high school, K-12, K-8, public or private school, please share your fabulous ideas.

Are you looking for a way to “spice up” your library orientation? Tired of doing the same orientation lesson year after year? Are you a brand new school librarian looking for ideas and a way to get started? Have you changed schools and/or grade levels and need new ways to introduce your students to the library? Check in the comments of this post, the TASL Facebook page and other TASL social media for people to post ideas.

We hope this not only helps those who are striving to freshen up their library programs, but also gives some librarians a chance to shine and share the amazing things happening in school libraries in Tennessee!



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  1. For my escape room orientation, I bought 2 toolboxes in order to split classes into 2 teams. For each box, I bought a hasp lock to hold a directional lock, alpha lock, 3-digit and 4-digit lock. Students had to solve the 4 clues I wrote on index cards in order to open the box, where they had a final task and clue to solve, which was put together a blank puzzle to read the question written in invisible ink and give the answer to me. Each of the clues takes students to a different section of the library. For the directional lock, I find four books that have the direction in the title; the 4-digit lock they have to find the publication date; the 3-digit lock, they have to find the Dewey number; and the alpha lock they find the book that has a crossword puzzle and complete it and unscramble the circled letters. The crossword clues are all about the library too. Students love it and I feel they really learn their way around the library than have me drone on and just point out things.


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