FEATURE: TEL Adds Something New!

Written by: Andrea Zielke

On October 1st, the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) added the full archive the Tennessean (1812 – 2002) as a resource available to all Tennesseans.  Previously, TEL only provided access full-text articles from the Tennessean back to 2002. With the addition of the historical Tennessean, Tennessee residents will be able to search and view news articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries and cartoons from 1812 to 2002.  The Tennessean began in publication 1907 but this service includes earlier titles such as the Nashville Whig and the Daily American. These papers reported not only Nashville-area news, but carried stories from around the state and the nation.


“By providing access to The Tennessean though TEL, we will greatly enhance access to first-hand accounts of Tennessee history as it unfolded,” Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “Libraries and newspapers keep the pulse and record of the state; both are essential to quality information and research in our communities.”

“Online access to Nashville newspapers from 1812 to the present will be a great asset for students and everyone who enjoys history,” notes State Librarian and Archivist Chuck Sherrill. “Until now, newspapers have been virtually unsearchable unless one knew the date of an event. And access was limited to those that were able to come to the State Library through onsite microfilm readers and library computers. Now everyone can search these files from any computer in the state.”

During early training sessions on the new resources, many school librarians mentioned how big of an impact this may have for National History Day contests across the state.  We can’t wait to see how this new resource will be used in K-12 libraries!

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Andrea Zielke is the Tennessee Electronic Library Administrator. She provides training and support for all things TEL.  You can follow the latest news about TEL and how to integrate TEL resources into your library at www.tntel.info.

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