MTSU: A New Consortium: Discover Tennessee History

Written by: Kira Duke

Discover Tennessee History

David Crockett, the Overmountain Men, Ida B. Wells, the passage of the 19thAmendment, TVA, Cordell Hull, and Dolly Parton: what do all of these things have in common? They are all important moments and people in Tennessee’s history that had a far-reaching impact on our nation’s story. In addition, they are all required content in our state’s social studies standards.

Ida B. Wells
Ida B. Wells [1891] Courtesy of the Library of Congress
So where do you go to find primary sources and supporting educational materials to teach the richness of Tennessee history?

Statewide Resources for Educators

Working together across the state, Discover Tennessee History includes the East Tennessee Historical Society, Tennessee Historical Society, Tennessee State Library and Archives, Tennessee State Museum, Tennessee State Parks, and Teaching with Primary Sources – MTSU. This initiative offers educators new, effective professional development opportunities and educational resources focused on what each of our organizations do best: the collection, preservation, and interpretation of the primary sources of Tennessee history, be they diaries, newspapers, letters, oral histories, artifacts, or historic places.

Teacher Workshop
Teacher Workshop at Fort Loudoun State Park

Each of our organizations offers a wealth of materials and special programming for teachers and students. To help educators find all of this great stuff, we have created a web page that links you to each of our organizations. We have also developed a comprehensive professional development calendar that you will find at the bottom of the Discover Tennessee History webpage. This calendar will help you find professional development opportunities in your area with details about workshop content, location, and registration information. To find all this great stuff, visit

Mark your calendars! Discover Tennessee History will be offering a special PD event in Jackson this summer on June 4, 2019 featuring all of the participating organizations. Be sure to check the webpage or contact me at kira.duke@mtsu.edufor more information.

Kira Duke is the Education Specialist for Teaching with Primary Sources – Middle Tennessee State University, a program funded by the Library of Congress and administered by the MTSU Center for Historic Preservation. She has a background in civil rights history and museum education. She has worked with educators across the state to support the use of primary sources in the classroom.



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