MEMBER BRAGS: What Are the Great Librarians of Tennessee Up To Now? Let’s Find Out!

Written by: Ginger Kirchmyer It's that time again....  It's time to find out about all the great things we've been dong around the state. Recently we sent out a call for all our good news, and we got some real doozies this time! It's always so impressive to see what our group is up to!... Continue Reading →

TASL Book Reviews – We’re Back!

Written by: Ginger Kirchmyer; reviews written by: Suzanne Costner, Jenifer Grady, and Missy Locke. We are back with more great reviews, and we'd love to get your feedback. Do you like this resource? Is it helpful? Can we change it to make it more user-friendly? What features are you using?  Right now it's pretty-much in... Continue Reading →


Written by: Lindsey Kimery Every day in Tennessee, school librarians are busy connecting kids with books, helping our students grow as readers, and are leading in our learning communities, but many of us start the school year facing numerous issues, such as lack of funding, staffing that doesn’t meet state minimum requirements, being assigned additional... Continue Reading →

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