FEATURE: Gimme Money: Apply for AASL and ALA Library Student Scholarships!


Written by: Dr. Cindy C. Welch

Did you know that ALA has a scholarship clearinghouse, and offers more than $300,000 in scholarships through the ALA Scholarship Program? You apply online and can apply for more than one scholarship at a time. Are you working as a library support staff member pursuing your Master’s degree, are you from an underrepresented group (not white and/or female), have a disability, or are just simply enrolled in an ALA-accredited program for youth services? There’s a scholarship for you – but only if you apply.

The full list of scholarships is available, and a little bit of detective work means great financial support. Our own TASL Blog editor, Ginger Kirchmyer won two ALA scholarships and says, “I thought the only way to guarantee a ‘no’ is to not try, so I tried and boy, was I glad I did!”

The application deadline is March 1, so get started today! And for folks who just graduated, AASL has a Bridge Scholarship that pays the difference between AASL student membership rates and regular rates for three years after graduation. We all know that every little bit helps.


Dr. Cindy Welch is a Clinical Associate Professor at the School of Information Sciences, UT-Knoxville. She oversees the school library program and teaches graduate courses that range from storytelling to collection development. Her favorite book is the next one she reads, and she loves visiting different parts of the state doing Best of the Best presentations!



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