Who’s That Librarian Bringin’ Change to Tennessee? It’s ME! It’s ME!

Written by: Ginger Kirchmyer It's no surprise to any of us that amazing things are happening here in Tennessee's school libraries! TASL knows how great our librarians are, but maybe some of the incredible things being done by our colleagues will spark a flame in you to take something you're doing to the next level!... Continue Reading →

VSBA Ballots are Ready and Waiting!

Written by: Scot Smith We have posted the ballots for the 2017-2018 Volunteer State Book Award at http://www.tasltn.org/vsba The ballots are due on Wednesday, May 2. All ballots must be submitted online; there will be no paper ballots. Remember that in order to participate in the voting, your library must own twelve of the twenty nominated titles.... Continue Reading →

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