Welcome to the New TASL Talks

Librarians, in general, are generous people. We like to share! In that spirit, this library blog is technically free to anyone who finds a good use for it, but it was specifically created for the wonderful school librarians in the state of Tennessee who belong to TASL.

At our first meeting of the 2018 calendar year, your executive board voted unanimously to change the format of our organization’s communication tool, TASL Talks, from that of a quarterly newsletter to a weekly blog post. This was so that TASL events and news can be shared in bite-sized bits that are easier for us to make time to read and to apply in our busy schedules.

Our hope is that the more frequent contact will provide our members with more support and tools needed to be the informed, resourceful, hands-on school library leaders our schools so desperately need us to be.

Specifically, each week we will have a post written by a new person – a TASL member, a leader in the field of Library and Information Science, an author, a Tennessee legislator, any number of people who might have something to contribute to our professional conversation with one another.  Like all blog posts, you will be welcome to have a dialogue about that post in a comment forum.

The TASL Talks editor will coordinate these posts and determine topics and contributors. Please consider if there’s a topic in our field for which you have a great passion or maybe know of someone who might have something valuable to contribute to our professional learning community.  Also consider if there are particular topics on which you would like to learn more. How can TASL Talks better serve you?

Could you take a moment and fill out this form?  It will help your editor to compile a list of potential guest bloggers and future topics. Your participation in the survey should not take more than 5 minutes, so please help us to serve you better by letting us hear from you!

Next week will be our official kick-off where you will hear from your 2018 TASL president Blake Hopper! Until then, happy teaching, reading, and learning!

Your 2018 TASL Talks Editor,

Ginger M. Kirchmyer
DuPont Hadley Middle Prep
Nashville, Tennessee


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